Special thanks the the following people for their amazing work on the following repository. The helped a lot by giving this repositories available for the world!

Hey! This is a simple and small single class PHP router that can handle the whole URL routing for your project. It utilizes RegExp and PHP's anonymous functions to create a lightweight and fast routing system. The router supports dynamic path parameters, special 404 and 405 routes as well as verification of request methods like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc. The codebase is very small and very easy to understand. So you can use it as a boilerplate for a more complex router.
Hydrahon is a standalone database / SQL query builder written in PHP. It was built to enhance existing frameworks, libraries and applications that handle the database connection on their own. It does not come with a PDO or mysqli wrapper. The naming is heavily inspired by Eloquent and the Kohana Framework Database component.